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Q&A from the Webinar:

Q: Can your diesel go into my truck today? And if so, what percentage of my fuel?
A: Yes! Our Diesel is 100% compatible. You could use it in your truck with nothing else.

Q: I have a friend who flies private and claims they use some sustainable fuel. What percentage of their plane’s tank could your fuels fill? A: ASTM 7566 currently limits the use of all sustainable aviation fuel to no more than 50%.

Q: How does the cost per gallon of either jet fuel or diesel produced by your small plants compare to that of oil coming out of the ground and being refined?
A: At this time, all renewable fuels, regardless of how they are made, are more expensive than refined oil from the ground. However, various government incentives make up the difference.

Q: If it will take a year and a half to build your first plant, how will you generate revenue until it is built? Is that possible? A: The company has ongoing revenues from license fees and R&D lab work that we do for third parties.

Q: Are there any milestones you have in mind that “should” increase the value of the shares I just purchased?

  • Announcements such as the site for the first plant or plants;
  • An offtake agreement with a well-known company;
  • A well-known private investment from a strategic investor;
  • Announcements of new license agreements;
  • Sufficient funds raised to build the first plant.

Q: What are your projections for the ROI?
A: Without going into too much detail, we expect more than 40% in most cases.

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