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Scaling Our Business: BioGTL

The Small Plant Advantage: Efficient. Autonomous. Modular.

Because of their small size, these plants arrive at the site as truckable modules that are fast and easy to install, require minimal human involvement to run, and are designed to maximize efficiency. Our low-cost modular design delivers the lowest capital expenditure per unit out of any known advanced (cellulosic) biofuel pathway.

BioGTL plants are designed for remote, unmanned operation. Human intervention will occur when the facility digitally requests a truck to come and pick up the finished fuel.

EFT’s proprietary BioGTL (biogas-to-liquids) plants use renewable biogas from animal manure, wastewater, and landfills to produce transportation fuels such as jet fuel and diesel—a cutting-edge process made scalable by small plant size.

EFT is focused on the construction of small BioGTL plants that can produce between 2,100 to 21,000 gallons per day.