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Q&A from the Webinar:

Q: There seems to be a lot of collaboration and competition involved in green fuel production. Does EFT need the technology of other companies to build its plants, and are you willing to license yours? A: We do not need any technology from other companies (other than off-the-shelf components) to build our BioGTL and Flarebuster plants.

Q: Can you explain a bit more about the creation of jet fuel from CO2? Is this something that EFT is capable of already or is it an idea that is still in the works? A: Yes, we recently made jet fuel from CO2 in partnership with a company called Twelve. Read More

Q: FT synthetic diesel has substantially better lubricity than conventional diesel. I can imagine it will be less abrasive on big rig truck engines, for example. Correct? A: Actually, the lubricity for neat synthetic diesel is not as good as conventional but is easily corrected with currently available additives. This would only be needed if the fuel is being used neat rather than blended with conventional diesel.

Q: Will there be a market for these shares? A: Soon after we close the offering, we currently intend to list the share on an ATS exchange for secondary trading.

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