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Invest in the renewable fuel revolution.

Scalable Technology, Sustainable Fuels, Ready Today!

An Introduction

Methane is 28x more toxic to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

We take the methane caused by cow manure and transform it into low-carbon fuel!

Watch our video to see how we are revolutionizing fuel.

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“...Emerging Fuels Technology then fed that gas through its own process, combining it with hydrogen (which can be produced either from methane or from water using electricity) to generate synthetic crude...”

Don’t miss out on the Decarbonization Megatrend!

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What We Do

Our patented, groundbreaking technologies convert cow and pig manure, wastewater, and landfills into carbon-neutral fuels.

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“Still, investing in biofuels is a great way to support other forms of renewable energy, Kenneth Agee, the president of Oklahoma-based biofuel company Emerging Fuels Technology, argues.”

How We Make Money


Our technology is the core of current clients’ fuel projects.

There are hundreds of companies around the world that need our patented technology to create renewable and sustainable fuels at scale.

Our Own Plants


From manure to wastewater to landfills, our cost-effective, autonomous plants can make fuels around the country and around the world.

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Both active and abandoned natural gas wells are set to flare, burning some of the escaping gas. Our process eliminates the flare, capturing all of the escaping gas turning it into fuels autonomously. Our low cost solution has thousands of applicable sites across the US and the Middle East.

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Current Client

In 2021 , EFT partnered with Twelve, a carbon transformation company, to successfully produce the world’s first-ever fossil-free jet fuel. This is an example of one of our licensing agreements. This drop-in fuel can replace fossil-based fuels without any modifications to existing plane designs.

This breakthrough is currently being evaluated by the U.S. Air Force.

Join the Decarbonization Revolution!


Deal Terms

$3.60 per share

(Minimum: 100 shares)

Raise target:

$75 million
All investors welcome

(All income and wealth levels)

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Dalmore Group, LLC

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“...our technology is designed to create cost-effective solutions that redefine what was previously thought possible about production capacity, while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Our Patented Technology (17 Patents, More to Come)

The Science

Decaying matter—cow or pig manure, wastewater, or landfills, for example—releases methane into the atmosphere. By extracting carbon from these waste sources, we end the decay process; then, by adding hydrogen, we can produce fuel. When that fuel is burned, the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is less than that at the beginning of the process, as the methane produced by decaying matter is at least 28 times as harmful as a greenhouse gas (like CO2).

In this process, which is at the core of EFT’s tech, the resulting fuel is actually considered “Carbon-Negative.”

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With the successful completion of this capital raise, we plan to build our small-size, easy-to- install plants around the country and produce renewable, sustainable jet fuel and diesel to satiate the large appetites of commercial airlines and major corporations’ trucking fleets.

The world sees waste, we see the raw materials for renewable fuels.

Investment Guide

Read our in-depth guide for more details about EFT’s mission, as well as how to invest.

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About EFT

Emerging Fuels Technology (EFT) is creating the future of fuel. We are developing the means for carbon-neutral fuels that work in existing engines. Currently, we are licensing our core technologies to plants ranging from 2,100 to 420,000 gallons per day.

Upon successful completion of this raise, we intend to build and operate our own plants around the U.S. to provide the sustainable, renewable jet fuel and diesel that are in high demand and short supply. To meet today’s demand, the nation needs to expand its capabilities exponentially—and we intend to do our part.


Specialized expertise, hands-on knowledge, decades of experience, and 100% focus.

Our management team members boast several decades of experience: many were leaders of major corporations in the crude oil, natural gas, synthetic fuel, and chemical engineering industries. Our leadership team is armed with the knowledge necessary to produce the most cost-efficient, high-quality fuels and chemicals, as well as hundreds of other products (such as solvents and waxes). In addition, our patents ensure our shareholder value scales with global roll-out.


Scaling Our Business: How Our Renewable Fuels Can Cut Greenhouse Gas (and Make Profits)


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Fueling a Greener World: Our Journey to Turn Waste Into Profit


Watch the webinar replay and read the answers to the questions that we didn't have time to answer live.

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